We consider environmental responsibility to be an integral part of our business, affecting the entire company, and a necessary part of fulfilling our vision and mission. Looking forward to the next generation we are dedicated to continually improving our performance in reducing our ecological impact.

CONTI is proud to have been awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 Certification.

ISO 14001 is an international environmental standard that establishes the parameters for operating an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). The standards are designed to address the delicate balance between companies maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. Companies certified against ISO 14001 must show evidence that they have built consideration for energy consumption, the use of natural resources, and waste management strategies into the broader management systems of their operations in practical ways. The standard requires the company to devise environmental objectives, set environmental targets and implement effective programs of continual improvement to be awarded the certification. It requires the commitment of the entire organization to be successful. The Italian accredited ISO 14001 was awarded to Conti Rubinetterie after a rigorous external audit by independent body QAID, Accredia Accredited Entity.

Conti Rubinetterie is continuing its commitment to environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy for sustainable industrial development with the launch of the “POWERED BY THE SUN” project, which implements a new photovoltaic system. The Sun provides 40% of the total energy requirement. The roofs of our manufacturing plants have been covered with polyurethane insulating panels on which was placed a series of 150 KWH SHARP photovoltaic panels, products of Japan. The electricity produced by converting the energy contained in solar radiation is used to generate more than 140,000 kWh per year, allowing it to avoid the emission of around 74,340 kg of carbon dioxide equal to approximately 10,600 trees.


With the implementation of the project POWERED BY THE SUN, the sun provides 40% of our total energy requirement.


The water used in the different stages of the production process is purified through a filtration system and recycled.


Vapors from the production processes performed in the foundry are collected by a certified air filtration system and returned cleaner to the environment.