Conti is recognized and appreciated at an international level in various industries and applications to the highest levels of quality, reliability and safety.

One of the main strategic choices that have enabled us to reach such a high standard of quality is the monitoring of the entire production process from the planning stage to the final tests performed on 100% of production.


New products, variants of standard products or products entirely developed on specifications provided by customers are studied and designed by the highly trained staff of our Technical division. Thanks to the assistance of avant-garde technologies and software, together with great experience grown during the years, the company stands out for fast execution and maximum flexibility from the very beginning.


At the end of the design process, the Technical division and the prototypes workshop finalize the new product by making several samples that are to be tested to verify the compliance with the planning specifications. At this point the Technical division commissions to the mechanic’s workshop to make all the tools necessary for the production of the new products. A sophisticated software interfaced with the mechanic’s workshop allows the designers to transfer in real time the programs required for the CNC machinery to produce the foundry molds and machining tools.

Raw materials supply / reception

All raw materials used in production are certified according to EN 10204:2004 and undergo a thorough inspection prior to acceptance in order to verify compliance. On the customer’s demand and in compliance with the guidelines of the EU, the Quality Office can issue the origin certifications for the metals used for the production of our valves.


From the beginning of its foundation Conti Rubinetterie has had its own foundry allowing complete control from the very first step of the production process, maximum flexibility and custom options. Recently it has been renewed with electric induction furnaces of the latest generation.


The machining of all valve bodies and components are made internally in our machining division thanks to qualified staff and advanced CNC machining stations.


Depending on the product’s type and size, the assemblage is realized using semiautomatic or manual lines, in specific islands/benches organized for the different product grouping.


Testing is performed on the entire production by highly qualified personnel under the supervision of Quality Control. Testing stations are designed to test for tightness at a pressure significantly higher than the exercise class reported on the body of the valve. On demand, Quality Control can issue the certificate showing the test results from the type (air or water) and parameters (intensity & duration) of the tests performed. Throughout the production process components and semi-finished products are subjected to rigorous checks and tests to verify their compliance during the production stages that precede the assembly.

Packing & Warehousing

Once testing is sucessfully completed all valves are subjected to a final visual inspection and ready for packing, subsequently for storage in stock.