CONTI RUBINETTERIE holds a leading role in the quest of quality construction and production processes. Our valves, completely designed and manufactured in our factories by a skilled team and with the most innovative equipment are constructed to last over time. They undergo a stringent rigorous sequence of tests and internal inspections before being sent out. Today, just as 100 years ago, product quality continues to be at the heart of every stage of the production cycle.

Since 1999, CONTI RUBINETTERIE has a quality system certificate in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

All raw materials used in production are purchased supplies that are in compliance with EN 10204:2004 that attest to origin and chemical composition. On customer’s request and in compliance with European Union regulations, Quality Control will issue the certificates of the metals used in the production of our valves.

Testing is carried out on 100% of production. The leak test is carried out on certified testing stations in compliance with the European standards or specifications provided by the customer. Upon request, Quality Control issues the certificate of inspection containing the specifications for the type and parameters of the tests performed.

Qualified certifying laboratories worldwide have certified our valves for their performance, solidity and duration. Our valves are manufactured according to the European PED 2014/68/UE standards.